History of Warminster Soccer Club

Warminster Soccer Club evolved from the "Pele League", a group of 24 kids from Nativity of Our Lord School in 1973. In 1974, the group added kids from St. John Bosco School and increased to 104 kids with new age groups for the "new" sport. The first recorded meeting of Warminster Soccer Club was in January 1975. The Board wanted to set up a soccer program where all youths in the community could participate. They set the 2nd Wednesday of each month for a meeting. A date which is maintained to this day.
Warminster Soccer Clubs first Board of Directors was President Ed Henry Sr., Vice President Ralph Caliendo, Secretary Ruth Kubala, Treasurer Bob Sanville. Registration dates were set, and donations solicited from local businesses to finance the league. The first year the club had 340 youths playing on 20 teams in 4 age groups. The first season was a complete success with refreshment stands, end of season team parties, referee clinics, dedicated coaches and volunteers, and good weather.
By 1976 the club had grown to 496 kids on 29 teams with one U16 boys travel team. Team photographs started with Anthonys Photography and have continued with that firm to this day.
In 1977 the club expanded to 740 kids with 48 teams on 11 fields and added a U19 boys travel team. 30 youths participated in day camp sessions with English coaches.
By 1978 there were 1,130 players. For the first time Warminster Soccer Club had a separate girls division with 196 girls in the new U9, U11, and U16 divisions. Munro Park became available to the club and helped with the clubs need for more fields. Bosco Soccer joined Warminster Soccer Club and with the help of Warminster Township the club was able to light fields at Munro Park. On November 30, 1978, an official Lighting ceremony took place to celebrate the fundraising, planning and coordinating efforts for the project. There was an exhibition travel game under the new lights.
The club continued to grow in 1979 with 298 girls and a total of 1,181 youths. In 1980 1,275 kids played and summer camp expanded as well to 71 kids. On September 27,1980 Warminster Soccer Club sponsored its first intramural tournament inviting in teams from surrounding communities.
In 1981, 1,186 youths played, and the club held its 2nd annual tournament. In 1982, the 1,160 players included the clubs first girls U14 and U19 travel teams.
In 1987 the Al Perlini started the Warminster Travel Soccer Tournament, as the story goes - Al wanted to establish a one-day tournament that would allow teams less travel time and be able to enjoy Labor Day weekend. In 1991 the tournament was name d in honor of Al Perlini.   The tournament started small and has grown year after year. In 2013 the tournament hosted more than 200 teams on 20 fields throughout Warminster township.
Today the club still has well over 800 players on 20 plus boys and girls travel teams and dozens of intramural teams.

Pictured Above: Warminster Warriors U15 Boys in 1984. Coached by Jack Clauss, the team won the U14 State Cup in 1983. The boys later went on a summer tour of Europe in 1985 participating in the Birmingham International Football Cup and Haarlem Cup Netherlands. Many went on to star at William Tennent High School in the record setting1986 squad.