Travel FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Travel Soccer?
Travel Soccer is where teams of players from Warminster Soccer Club travel to other townships (or they come here) to play their teams. These teams usually are made up of the best players in the respective townships.

2, How serious is Travel Soccer?
Travel Soccer is a large step up from Intramural. It requires a time commitment from the player AND his/her parents. There will usually be 2 practices per week and a game on Saturday or Sunday. It requires dedication to the game and practice at home is expected. Remember that this is the program that prepares the child (over it’s six year course) to play at the High School Varsity level.

3. Does my child have to try out for the team every season?
Yes. Tryouts are held every spring. Players are expected to progress and improve every year. Sometimes current players are cut to make room for players who show more skill.

4. How much playing time will my child get?
That is always a tough question. At the U-9, U-10, U-11 level, we try to even out playing time as much as possible so that all players get game experience and develop a love of the sport. However, there will be situations that arise where the better players are kept on the field at the expense of others. Added time for those players is usually given when the outcome of a game is no longer in doubt. This usually provides equal playing time over the course of the season. Please rest assured that our goal and intention is develop ALL of the players on the team.

5. How much is winning stressed?
Although Warminster Soccer Club and it’s travel coaches do not promote a “win at any cost” atmosphere, it is our objective to field the best teams possible and win games. Your children will be trained regularly and encouraged by the coaches to play well. Winning is a by-product of training, conditioning, and good play. As the child moves on to the older age teams, winning does become more important and there will be more tactical decisions made to insure successful game outcomes.

6. How much Soccer will he / she be playing?
Travel Soccer consists of Spring and Fall play, as well as 3 or 4 weekend tournaments per year. There is also optional winter indoor play, but that is usually a team decision.

7. What about conflicts with practices and games?
In the spring, we try to set our practice schedule so as not to conflict Baseball and other sports programs and some missing of training sessions is understood. In the Fall, the player’s first obligation is to Soccer. It is expected that all players will attend all games and practices. Some conflicts with religious schooling are unavoidable and efforts will be made where possible, to set training session times so that all can attend. If a player misses too many practices, they will not develop the skills the other players have, their play will suffer, playing time will be reduced and their status on the team may be jeopardized (re-read question #4).

8. How much does Travel Soccer cost?
Warminster Soccer Club travel teams are parent supported. The club provides and maintains the facilities for play (fields) and pays for each team to be registered in the fall travel league including referee fees. Costs for uniforms, tournaments, Spring Leagues, and winter indoor play are paid by the parents or recaptured by team through club approved fundraising activities. If no fundraising activities are done, a reasonable budget to assume would be $300-400 (this is an average, all actual costs are handled by the individual team) per player, per year over and above club registration fees.