Warminster Soccer Club Policies and Guidelines

The purpose of these Policies & Procedures are to provide the leadership, coaches, trainers, players, parents and everyone involved with the Warminster Soccer Club (WSC) program, a set of procedures to operate by in growing and managing our club. In addition to these Policies & Procedures, the club and all its participants are expected to abide by the Club Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, and Guidelines. In addition, all involved are expected to abide by the procedures of our member organizations including the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). In the event of a potential contradiction with the Policies & Procedures contained herein, the Policies & Procedures of these organizations take precedence. Such contradictions should be brought to the attention of the WSC board and remedied at the earliest possible opportunity.

Teams may choose to have additional procedures and guidelines over and above the minimum requirements contained herein but must be approved by the WSC Board of Directors.

It should be noted that the Policies and Procedures of WSC may be changed but will be communicated to the club membership.


Before making a commitment to join any club, both the player and parent(s) should take into consideration all the factors involved, including what the club expects from the player and parent(s). The club has no desire to write rules covering every possible problem, but the club does expect player(s) and parent(s) to follow the club policies included on the policies page and to behave in ways that reflect positively on the team and club. When accepting the club’s offer of a spot in any age group player(s) and parent(s) agree:

· That the club may take disciplinary action when these club policies are violated, and

· That they will abide by the club’s decisions regarding disciplinary sanctions.

The player evaluation, offer, and acceptance process works best when everyone involved is open, honest, and ethical in their behavior. The club’s coaches are expected to adhere to these standards, and we ask that parent(s) act the same way.