What is "Travel Soccer"? Where do the travel teams play their games? What can you expect? What is expected of you?

Travel Soccer is the year-round competitive side of Warminster Soccer Club. This means that the average level of play is more advanced than that of the intramural program. Travel Soccer focuses on the development of the individual’s fundamental soccer skills through advanced training sessions, competitive league play during the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons and the occasional weekend tournaments.  Warminster Soccer Club's travel teams participate primarily in the Inter-County Soccer League which includes teams from Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. The Fall season consists of a 8-10 game season, 5 home games played at Munro or Warminster Community Parks and 5 away games, with the average "travel" time of a 30 min ride. Travel teams' practices usually start during early August and take place two times a week throughout the entire soccer season. The travel season league starts the weekend after Labor Day and continues until the second week of December, with most games played on Saturday's.  Commitment to your travel team is expected from you on a year-round basis, with the emphasis being on the Fall season.

Additional information about the commitment required to play travel soccer can be found in the Travel FAQ.

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