What is “Intramural Soccer”? Where do the intramural teams play their games? What can you expect? What is expected of you?

Intramural Soccer is a recreational sport organized within our club, for the purpose of socialization, exercise, and competition. The purpose of the league is to give non travel youth players an opportunity to learn to play soccer in fun and local environment. The opportunity for all players, of all ages, to be able to meet new friends, improve their physical and mental health, and to follow our core values of fun, respect, passion and community amongst each other. Most intramural games are held at our club parks, some teams may play in alternate situations and leagues depending on the club’s opportunities for its teams. You can expect fun and learning with our intramural teams. Expectations for our parents and fans are to get the players to practice and games on time, come with a positive attitude and always remember that it’s a game for the kids, winning doesn’t matter, the main focus is the players having fun, learning and overall awesome experience!

Additional information about the commitment required to play travel soccer can be gathered by reaching out directly to our VP of Intramural with an email to:

For registration click here: Registration – Warminster Soccer Club

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New to travel soccer or our club, interested in u18 or above, then please visit our Forms page and fill out the

WSC General Player Interest Form” and we will be in touch to provide you further information:

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